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How Immunity Lives in Your Gut

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A few years ago, connecting the gut to the immune system was a novel concept. We’ve learned a lot since then. Up to 70% of our immune system lives in our gut. Immune health relates directly to the health of our gut. In the past, many people looked at what we ate as distinct and […]

Asthma: Healing Naturally

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You may have been told that you are stuck with asthma and that symptom control is the only thing you can do. Functional medicine provides a road map for how you can heal asthma naturally. Asthma accounts for 1.7 million emergency department visits yearly, making it one of the top 20 reasons people go to […]

Acid Reflux: How to Wean off PPIs

how to wean off PPIs

There are many studies that suggest that proton-pump inhibitor drugs (PPIs), such as Prilosec (omeprazole), which reduce stomach acid, may cause individuals to experience bloating and other unpleasant bowel symptoms like aches, pains, and embarrassing gas.

Addiction and the Role of Neurotransmitters

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Addiction recovery treatment includes emotional and therapeutic practices including counselors, 12-step meetings, Smart Recovery, and other psycho-social practices. More is being discovered about addiction recovery. Findings from clinical neuroscience research have shown addiction to be a complex disease of the brain and behavior from which people can recover with treatment, as is the case with […]