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A Functional Medicine Approach to Thyroid Health

unctional medicine thyroid health hashimoto's hypothyroidism

One of my instructors in Functional Medicine always said “sluggish thyroid, sluggish everything!” If you are reading this, you may be able to relate! Medications may replace insufficient thyroid hormone, but they do not work to solve the underlying cause of thyroid dysfunction. This post speaks to the functional medicine approach to thyroid health and […]

Step Into My AIP Kitchen

AIP kitchen

I have an autoimmune illness. Three in fact. Three in remission. I get asked quite often “Kara, what do you eat? Do you follow AIP (autoimmune protocol)? I’ve gone through several nutrition plans through the years as I’ve paid attention to the following: what kind of food I can enjoy what kind of food I […]

Seasonal Allergies: A Natural Approach

natural approach to seasonal allergies

Every year in early spring, my son starts to sniffle, sneeze and I find tissues all over the house. From this, I know the flowers will start peeking out of the ground a just a few weeks. He struggled with seasonal allergies until I was able to find some natural solutions for him. Seasonal allergies […]

How Immunity Lives in Your Gut

galt immune system gut health

A few years ago, connecting the gut to the immune system was a novel concept. We’ve learned a lot since then. Up to 70% of our immune system lives in our gut. Immune health relates directly to the health of our gut. In the past, many people looked at what we ate as distinct and […]

Asthma: Healing Naturally

heal asthma naturall

You may have been told that you are stuck with asthma and that symptom control is the only thing you can do. Functional medicine provides a road map for how you can heal asthma naturally. Asthma accounts for 1.7 million emergency department visits yearly, making it one of the top 20 reasons people go to […]

Healing Hormonal Imbalances

hormone balance

No one feels good when their hormones are out of whack.We refer to our hormones like some separate part of our bodies, outside of ourselves. “I can’t believe I said that. It’s must be those damn hormones again.” This is no laughing matter but to be quite honest, I’m petrified that I’ll have a hot […]

Acid Reflux: How to Wean off PPIs

how to wean off PPIs

There are many studies that suggest that proton-pump inhibitor drugs (PPIs), such as Prilosec (omeprazole), which reduce stomach acid, may cause individuals to experience bloating and other unpleasant bowel symptoms like aches, pains, and embarrassing gas.

Addiction and the Role of Neurotransmitters

addiction functional medicine

Addiction recovery treatment includes emotional and therapeutic practices including counselors, 12-step meetings, Smart Recovery, and other psycho-social practices. More is being discovered about addiction recovery. Findings from clinical neuroscience research have shown addiction to be a complex disease of the brain and behavior from which people can recover with treatment, as is the case with […]