Real health doesn’t come from just another to-do list, self-help book, or willpower. You may not find health written on a prescription pad either.

When root-cause functional medicine is blended with integrative health coaching, you can discover your optimal health and wellness.

Functional Medicine Health Coaching

As a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nationally Certified Integrative Health & Wellness Coach, I have completed 1,000+ hours (approximately 3 years) of advanced, comprehensive training in functional etiology, physiology, and biochemistry.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Functional medicine case mapping to connect a client’s history, symptoms, nutrition, lab work, and lifestyle
  • An in-depth understanding of causal factors behind today’s most prevalent chronic diseases and imbalances
  • The impact food sensitivities and nutrition play in health and healing
  • Creation of individual healing strategies based on the client’s unique needs, goals, and genetic makeup
  • Coaching clients on how to implement lifestyle changes for successful root cause resolution of disease and long-term maintenance
  • The mind-body connection and the impact of stress on health and wellness
  • Targeted use of supplements to speed healing and maintain health
  • Empowering clients through education and advocacy
  • Lab work analysis through the functional medicine lens


Individuals with a wide variety of conditions can benefit from a functional medicine philosophy

✓  Allergies
✓  Asthma
✓  Autoimmune Diseases
✓  Bone Health
✓  Candida
✓  Cancer Support
✓  Diabetes
✓  Digestion

✓  Cardiometabolic Health
✓  Heavy Metal Toxicity
✓  Headaches & Migraines
✓  Hormonal Imbalance
✓  Immune Health
✓  Mood, Depression, Anxiety
✓  Stress Management
✓  Sleep

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